Are you an experienced engineering looking for a new startup opportunity?
Do you want to scale something great?

Great! Read on!

Titan X is looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer to join our incredible team.

Who are we?

Titan X is building proprietary context-based Natural Language Understanding technology to power the world’s smoothest customer experiences. From qualifying leads for real estate investors to transforming customer service in the largest industries, our technology will do it all, and will get smarter with each new challenge we tackle. we plan to do it all.

Who exactly are we looking for?

In short, does this sound like you? Someone that is:

  • Autonomous. You thrive in settings where you have little hand-holding.
  • Experienced. You have extensive knowledge inside of the industry, and don’t need to reach out to other experts -- you are the expert.
  • A Leader. Popular or unpopular decisions: you do what’s right for the company moving forward, and people respect you for how you go about it.
  • Adaptable. You thrive when you need to find solutions, make adjustments, and receive feedback. You work efficiently to get the job done by deadlines.
  • Data-Driven. At the end of the day, you live and die by the numbers and metrics.

Why you?

For this role, you ideally have:

  • Three or more years of experience as a full stack developer
  • Experience working with: ReactJS/Redux, Javascript, Typescript, Rest API/GraphQL, Python, NoSQL
  • Familiarity with: CI/CD, Docker/Containerization, AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, Cognito), Unit Testing (Pytest)
  • The ability to be the orchestrator and have strong strategic abilities.
  • Able to deliver quick prototypes and work in a fast environment
  • Previous experience having completed a product life cycle

Why Us?

  • Work from anywhere.
    • Your house in the country, a coffee shop in the city, a yurt in the forest -- we don’t mind. As long as you have strong enough wifi.
    • (Despite being a remote-first culture, bonus points to someone in the greater LA area, or someone who’s willing to travel to LA occasionally.)
  • Startup culture with big aspirations.
    • We’re a startup with lots of ambition -- you can make a real impact, but we’re not in the business of micromanagement. Basically, your say matters.
  • Flexible hours.
    • We have a completely distributed, asynchronous team. Results based, not time based.
  • Generous PTO, sick leave, and public holiday policy.
    • Just throw us some notice and share where you go on holiday!
  • Equity share.
    • We want to show faith in our leadership team -- a part of that is understanding that you get a piece of the pie as we continue to scale.
  • Competitive wages.
    • We pay our team in the top 5% of industry standards, because it matters.
  • Full medical insurance.
    • I mean, we’re in a pandemic; is this even up for debate?
  • Planned team retreats in really fun spots.
    • When travel restrictions ease up, we’ll be collaborating and celebrating from time to time in person.

Like what you see?

If you’re thinking: “This is totally me!” then be sure to apply below. Even if you’re thinking: “This definitely could be me!” apply below anyways — we love diverse and non-traditional backgrounds.

Please sneak the word ‘smooth’ somewhere into your application to show us you read the whole job description.